Healing Processes

Healing Processes

Healing is undistributed abundant flow of energy. Prerequisite being a deep desire & faith in the process, a conviction that there is no anguish that cannot be resolved.

Healing Programs

Healing Programs

Over last few years, we have been part of active work force subtly contributing through public workshops & closed programs for Organizations & Community.

Connecting Board

Connecting Board

A space for Everybody!! I encourage my audiences to share stories, articles that makes a difference in their life. This board is the sacred connect between me & my co-travelers!

Upcoming Events

 Polarity Wellness Workshop

Sept 3 & 4@Jackfruit Tree
POLARITY THERAPY is a natural health care system developed in the 1940s by Austrian Dr. Randolph Stone. It is based on human energy field and its make-up.




  • Nausheen Ahmed

    Founder of Vision Rainbow School, Hyderabad

    "You are she who inspired me to get into my element. Here is it to you to mark my journey into Polarity Therapy. It's a dedication to your spirit of service."

  • Dola Dasgupta

    Healer. Founder of Circle of Life, Pune

    "It was beautiful to be part of the Therapy sessions & workshops. A very beautiful introduction to Polarity Therapy, healing modality.
    She is very gifted...bless her!!"

  • Ashlesha Onawale

    Chief Director DeepGriha Society, Pune

    “The staff who attended the sessions are sharing what they have learnt with members of staff who couldn’t. It has been great to be part of continued discussions after the sessions."

  • Manish Jain

    Co-founder Swaraj University & Shikshantar, Udaipur

    “Sahaya came as a participant to Sawarj University, Udiapur for a Shamman workshop. We got to know each other well for those 5 days.  A deeper connection happened within me & my peers in her Inner Rhythm workshop. It was so inter-connected to dance to the 5-elements music & her guidance. Would like to have her more involved in Swaraj & do the same magic with our students.”

  • Annu Bala

    Soul Centric founder, Delhi

    “Sahaya, conducted 2 sessions of Body Movement namely INNER RHYTHM & SACRED DANCE for our members. Initially members were enthusiastic about free dance but soon deeper and core issues were tapped in where in each had to re look at their bodies as a gross tool of endurance & unification.”

  • Mr. Surinder Nath

    CA Chandigarh.

    “Came to Jeevan Sahaya, healing studio for individual sessions with a history of clinical Depression, Sahaya gave me first few Reiki sessions that helped me to feel less anxious & her counseling aided me to put into perspective certain facts about my relationships."

  • Dr. Gurdeep Singh

    MD Anesthesia, Pb.

    “I came to Jeevan Sahaya, healing Studio for relaxation. Sometimes our surgeries are back to back with a minimal rest break. Hence I was looking for a quick solution; Sahaya gave me a handy chair relaxation process which indeed helps me in the middle of a emergency as well."

  • Mrs. Param Shergill

    Director of Shergill Travels, Chandigarh.

    “Amazing Program very educative and informative. I hope my community workers will use the information imparted by you. Hope to have you more in our office and for the follow up sessions too.”

  • A participant

    Mental Health Program, Jagori Grameen Dharmasala

    “You are a sensitive lady and looks like have experienced the activities yourself before you deliver them. I felt safe n mothered in your presence. Thankyou!”

  • Ms. Harleen Kholi

    Ex-Director & visionary of CEVA, Chandigarh.

    “Sahaya may you travel far off & follow the call of the path. You are undertaking a big role of relieving pain bodies, may you be protected on the path. Initially members were enthusiastic about free dance but soon deeper and core issues were tapped in where in each had to re look at their bodies as a gross tool of endurance & unification.”

  • Ms. Asha Bhayia

    Director Jagori Grameen, Dharamsala Hp.

    “It was immensely helpful to have Sahaya as our mental health facilitator for the 3-day residential program that she conducted. This program has opened my employees to many new faculties present to support each other & their communities. I wish her success & also recommend her name to my Delhi Organization.”

  • Prof.(Dr) M S Bains

    Director Principle, Rayat & Bahra College of Law.

    “Please accept our heartiest congratulations and gratitude for delivering an expert program for Faculty Development Program at RBCL, Mohali Campus. We are honored by your presence in the college.”